Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended our shoots this year. We saw a lot of new faces come through and we hope to see you come back next year. Please tell your friends about us, maybe even bring them along next time, because we cannot do what we do without you, your family, and your friends. Extra big thank you to the familiar faces we see shoot after shoot. We can’t wait see you again.

Stay tuned for our 2021 shoot dates.

Thanks again, and best of luck this hunting season!

Shoot Results

2020 Competitive Class Results

JulyAugustSeptemberFinal (Averaged)
Jason Culbertson464N/A
Josh Andersen440434451445.5
Levi Gieseke487475481
Brett Kluesner433472470471
Mike G389386387.5
Harley Trebian375454450452
Noah Reinhart370N/A
Mark Olinger350370360
Darrell Moose489N/A
Shoot Results

September 2020 Shoot Results


Jeremy Davis455


Bryan Wilson468
Derek Ehrhardt466
Chad Ruegnitz460
Brandon Bolsinger458
Justin Schmidt447
Mike Hampton446
Josh Cummer444
Ryan McClintock444
David Mangold437
Dan Miller434
Justin Cummer416
Keaton Bolsinger407
Brandon Taylor393
Darin Berg390
Nick Friedlein363
Pat Drips362
Davi Rezende353
Michael Schwam327
Colin Schirmer311
Jason Hatlan292
Jake Weires256
Walter Rupert200


Sydney Alber478
Lindsey Anderson425
Kathy Kluth419
Sierra Fox376
Lainey German374
Kelly Ruegnitz350


Matt Inman354
Gaylen Kray351


Clayton Henkes416
Carson McClintock398
Bryce Berg367
Kaleigh Thurm322
Carson Ruegnitz294
Weston Fulling294


Mary Weires284